Blue Spark

The Blue Marble: The View From Apollo 17
Fifty years ago, on April 22, 1970, people around the globe marked the first Earth Day.
Image Source – NASA

Before they went looking for another rock
where life might be sustainable,
Before they made plans of raising
hives of hexagonal domes
in hopes of rebuilding a new world,
Before they forgot what it meant
to run barefoot through fields of gold,
and to bathe in the smell of salt
seeping through buoyant waves of oceans,
Or listen to the music of verdant woods
with its spirits dancing in endless motions,

There was a time,
oh, long ago,
when they had a glimpse
On how to restore
A balance necessary to preserve
that which is now forever lost,
- A one of a kind home -

It felt quite like an armageddon
when their world came to a deafening halt
brought to a stop through the hubris
birthed by their own destructive pose,
and their beloved big machines,
huffing and puffing
together, they slowly drove
teary eyed through the ubiquitous smog
carrying their distraught owners
to stay confined in isolated zones.
And amidst this dissolution
of neoteric macrocosm were incessant calls
full of doleful notes
singing "so-long, goodbye, adios!” 

But soon as the streets were left alone,
waterways rid of filthy tooting boats
And skies stood clear of metallic birds,
The Wild, for ages repressed and abused,
blinking dubiously, it slowly emerged 
pleasantly taken in by this happy episode,
Now slinging hope like a new born,
shyly it came sniffing along,
And gleefully exploring
recently abandoned human grounds
It swiftly got busy righting
their noxious wrongs.

And for a while it looked
as if nature's desecrated cycles
might improve,
But the irony is such
that of all those who roamed
throughout the history of this mighty abode
the ones whose existence was a mere spot,
had now evolved to become its arrogant Gods
who, after surviving this uncomfortable pause,
still thoughtlessly ventured on 
the path of butchery and escalating loss.

But, oh, it was long ago,
When a hope rose
from the dying coals,
before it all went belly up.
Now swearing on the robustness
of their new goals,
Desperately they search
through the endless sterility of the dark,

wishing to come across another blue spark.

- EntangleDesigns

7 thoughts on “Blue Spark

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  1. Science fiction meets poetry. Reminds me of Tracy K.Smith and Interstellar. I don’t usually take a few lines out of context and interpret them differently. That’s something post-structuralists do! But these lines – The Wild, for ages repressed and abused,
    blinking dubiously, it slowly emerged 
    pleasantly taken in by this happy episode – reminded me of the (dystopian?) poem that inspired my blog’s name. It’s There will come soft rains by Sara Teasdale.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “That’s something post-structuralists do! ” Was that a dig at me, Nitin? 😄
    I have not read that particular poem by Sara Teasdale. I am only familiar with her “I am not yours” but now that you have mentioned it, I’ll read it. As for this particular poem, I didn’t lift any inspiration consciously. No movie came to mind, and no song moved me. Just the cold hard facts were enough to pen this one out. Thank you for stopping by and again, I have no idea how I missed the comments under this post and others but I am glad now I have found them.


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