Where before stood nothing to wield influence or

engulf my will,

And daringly charted each path to unknown shores

when I pleased 

Now all I remember is a cage where you, my captor,

breaks me until

I am down to pieces; left to be glued back together so again

to be cleaved

The hows & the whys are abused queries lying in defunct

memory's landfill

whose revenants now only make appearances to chastise

the aggrieved.

Succumbing to the cold of your disregard; garroted by your

fidelity’s frill

On the altar of Death implores a maimed heart to finally

be released

But the mutilation wrought by your guile has left in me such

a lethal ill

that even in the darkness of your love that has

my brilliance sheathed,

I only find stars that adorn my devotion

for you still.



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