I know you won't believe me
but the simple truth is
that I wasn't searching
when you crossed my path.
No, I had absolutely no intention
of getting tangled
into troublesome matters of the heart.
And I know that you don't know it,
& even if you did, you wouldn't care,
so neither should I...
In each grueling trial of trying,
I really do try
to have the senses restored,
to expunge from cognition
your every record,
but in this void of futility
where nescience cheerfully
does away with scrutiny,
you stubbornly own the stage
somewhere in the back of my mind,
lit in neon blends of blue sage
and incandescent in carmine
with my ever rebounding attention.
From each vivid facet of your flair
there's a hypnotic reflection
brighter than a solitaire
and in its conspicuous hue,
hopelessly bewitched,
I hold on to you.

- EntangleDesigns

Believe it or not, this whole poem came out of a prompt word, “Orange”. That’s right – Orange! A word that I, in the end, peeled off from the end product. And if I were inclined to tell you the convoluted thought process that my mind went through to pen this one out, I am pretty sure by the time I’d be done, I would have written myself a stand-up comedy set! Maybe it won’t be HaHa funny but I also like to believe that it wouldn’t tank like the global economy these days.

Instead, lemme tell you about the video that I have shared. It’s Childish Gambino’s version of Tamia’s hit song ‘So Into You’ which I had never heard before until I heard this version and after I did, I still prefer the one that I have shared. There’s also another version of the song, a remake, really, sung by Fabolous featuring Tamia which I personally found better than the original but it still doesn’t hold a candle to this one. Just listen to it and if the beats at the end don’t make you wanna sway to the music then a) What’s wrong with you? b) No, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

This is where I usually add, “okay, okay! I’m kidding!”

But I am not.

There are many other songs whose covers are better for me, personally, than the originals. Off the top of my head, I’d count “Fly me to the moon” by Julie London. The song was written in 1954 by Bart Howard and I thought Sinatra was the one who first sang it, but no, Wikipedia tells me it was Kaye Ballard who recorded it in the same year it was written. I am not a big Frank Sinatra fan (yeah, I said it!) And I find London’s version way better than his. Even his “Somethin’ Stupid”, again, for me personally, was made better by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams’ 2001 cover. Compare the two and tell me that isn’t the case. No, wait, don’t tell me because I don’t care whether you agree or not. Sinatra sings it more like a solo than a duet!

Okay, I won’t draw any comparisons between the next one which was first sung by Elvis Presley and was later covered by many other artists including Bob Dylan. I’ll just tell you that I love UB40’s cover of “Can’t help falling in love” and I doubt there’s going to be any other cover of this song that will make me wanna switch sides.

Hmm…. any other covers? Oh, yes, there’s one but it definitely isn’t better than the original. It’s just as good. And the amazing guy who originally sang it was also the one who wrote it. Sadly, he recently passed away due to heart complications. I am talking about Bill Withers. Yup, the same guy who co-wrote the song “Just the Two of us” (Talk about romantic poetry!) Ooh, and I just remembered his “Lovely Day”. Man, this guy was amazing! Bill’s “Ain’t no Sunshine” was covered, among other artists, by Lighthouse Family and when I heard it, it immediately earned a place on my playlist.

I think for now these are the ones that come to mind. Do you have any cover songs that you prefer to the originals or, maybe like just as much?

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and staying indoors.

18 thoughts on “Bewitched

Add yours

    1. I am so sorry. I wrote a comment to you in the previous post hoping it would show up in your notifications even after i delete the post. But seems like it didn’t. I had to make some site changes which ultimately led to reposting this one.

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    2. And i had also written that it was not the WP portal but my own devious machinations that disrupted the course of our conversations. 😋 But i am waiting on your favorite cover song suggestions. Do share whenever time permits. 🙃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So… Baby Please Don’t Go, AC/DC 1975 but several earlier, earliest being 1935, Big Joe Williams
        I Can’t Quit You Baby, famously by Led Zepellin, but back in 1956 by Willie Dixon
        Bring It On Home, another by Led, and Canned Heat, and others, but in 1963 by Sonny Boy Williamson
        The Train Kept a Rollin, Led again, and Motorhead, and Aerosmith, but 1951 Tiny Bradshaw
        Back Door Man in 1967 by The Doors, but 1960 by Howlin Wolf (who was ACE!)
        Just a selection gleaned from one of my playlists.

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      2. So while I was sticking with blues and cool jazz talking about Davis and Brubeck, you flipped the genre on me and brought out classic rock? On top of that you hit me with AC/DC’s (my ride and die class rock band) cover that I hadn’t heard before! This makes me mad and I want to go back and revise my covers and bring out my own rock/metal playlist! Ooh… isn’t Zeppelin’s “I can’t quit you baby” delicious? I have heard Back door man by the Doors but not by Howlin Wolf. And Jimi Hendrix’s All along the watchtower is the other one that comes to mind and I only know that it was a cover because it was Bob Dylan who wrote and sang the song, originally. But I am blanking out now. I think there was one by Rolling Stones… But maybe it was one of those concert footage and not an officially released track. Queen, too, covered Beatles and Presley on their tours but no official track comes to mind. Those that do aren’t classic rock but nu metal and not official covers. Haven’t heard “Bring it on home” or “The Train kept a rolling” so I look forward to blasting them out soon. Thanks for sharing! I knew you were cool but today you just unveiled a whole new layer of coolness for me! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. These are my go-to music, when I’m not writing. I could play Led all day, but I’d get nothing done.
        There are other songs that I know have much earlier roots, much of the tracks recorded by The Animals and the Rolling Stones I suddenly discovered originated in New Orleans.

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      4. Didn’t know about New Orleans being the fountainhead for Rolling Stones or the Animal tracks. But how can you not get anything done while Led is playing? Is it because the head banging gets in the way? 😄 Because I can only do house chores with music playing in the background. Granted I keep rock and metal for when I can vigorously flail my arms and legs in the air… and crockery is safely tucked away in its shelf. But I need music to get mundane work done. 😋

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      5. Oh house chores yea, so much swifter, so less boring, with Led banging loud. But I can’t write to such much. Can’t use my keyboard cos my fingers are occupied playing that imaginary air-keyboard… even though the keyboard seldom is involved.

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    1. Hmmm…it’s true, sometimes. However, I find if you start with a definite idea for a story you want to tell, you’ll end up penning, more or less, the same sentiments. At least that’s how it works for me most of the time.
      In this poem I knew where I was going, I just didn’t think I’d be able to fit “orange” into it, the word that initially prompted me to begin writing it.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I appreciate that you stopped by. 🙂


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