A heart that’s content with wandering in heartache,
dressed under false light of a house to be let,
is a poor sanctuary that intends to leave your serenity at stake.

Waiting each day for things to change, you’ll make
wishes blowing on candles of trust, hoping for you it’ll beget
love in the heart that’s content with wandering in heartache.

Tough luck that you got reeled in like a silver hake
to be consumed whole, fins and bones, in a devious gill net
you mistook for home that happily left your very life at stake.

Dressed now in threads of black lace at your Faith’s wake
this foolish yearning still wouldn’t let you forget
the heart that’s content with wandering in heartache.

Having smoked till burnt and carved in turns, with each mistake
you now see that there's nothing really to be upset
about for the game was indeed to put your bliss at stake.

Naively you walked this one-way street for fidelity’s sake,
thinking enough time and patience will surely offset
the pain for a heart that's already content with wandering in heartache,
And gleefully standing by, now it watches you burning at the stake.
- EntangleDesigns

My very first and possibly last villanelle because it was a pain in the ass to write! It came out of a very short, really bad and hastily written poem whose core sentiment in the draft stayed with me and I knew I’d like to expand on that in the future. Also, I always wanted to write a villanelle so voila…I did both.

9 thoughts on “Heartache

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    1. Thank you! I don’t know how your comments have ended up in the spam. Seems like WP is indeed conspiring against us! But thank you for reading and I really think I didn’t do that bad.


  1. Hm. It’s a good poem. My one constructive criticism is to make those lines shorter and they’ll sound more crisp. I think this will come with practise. First one’s always a nightmare, hehe.

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    1. That’s an absolutely fair criticism. Before writing it, I had specifically sought about the length of each line in a villanelle because i knew i wouldn’t be able to do justice to the idea that i had while keeping the lines short as well as staying faithful to the form. Since there were no restrictions, i chose to go with my initial idea rather than change the lines to have more bite in them. I admit it’s not crisp and i knew it when i was done but I was and I still am partial to the story i wanted to tell. Although, i agree, it’s the first one and i chose story over style so it definitely doesn’t work well.

      I am so glad for your helpful feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read it and for offering me better insight. Maybe I’ll nail it in the second try! 😉

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