When nothing turns your head,
Only transience makes sense
No strings bind your heart,
Love forever seems second-rate
Wearing your gloves, pitch-black,
do let indifference coat your vest,
and choose very well to leave instead.
So what if you’re an oddity in the pack,
And cold-blooded to the rest?
Some days might make you ask
“Do I care?” "Should I care?”
And your demons will deliberate
for all but a sec
as out another gate you'll stand
thinking, “Where to next?”

Be willing to leave with no regrets
because when mediocrity permeates
any of life’s finer aspects,
threatening to make you feel dead,
the best choice and a perfect plan
is always to rally for a change.
Sure, adventure can become a threat
But hey, at least it was a preference.
Or would you rather your flight be set
with intolerable traditionalism's drag
Or worse,
be saddled with some ignorant sap!
Why settle for anything less
If it isn’t fantastic or fantastically wicked?

When ties seem like a contract
and loyalty comes with a check,
transition is always a worthier bet.
Why wait for a knife in the back
and allow yourself to care
for those who might well be a pest,
When you could rather do a Two-step
onto a stage of brighter prospect?
So quit the old game that’s been rigged
to make you feel inadequate
before your heart of gold would forfeit
for things so insufferably average!
And for heaven’s sake,
Choose, always, to Leave instead.

- EntangleDesigns

5 thoughts on “Leave

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    1. Thank you so much. Since shit has finally hit the fan at my end due to this nasty virus, I wanted to write something that’s real for me at all times and in all places. I went into it thinking dramatically, “if it were the last post I were to write… ” 😂 Well then, let it be the truth I live by. 🙂

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