If Only

Cleaning out the old rickety bookshelf,
found the book that you once lent,
eons ago, it feels.

Never got around to read it then,
don't know how i forgot to give it back
and why you never reminded me

Until today, when
walking through its pages,
under yellow shade of their silent aging,

Saw a rose pressed in between
whose bloom noiselessly
long disappeared,

One of its corners, in that familiar slant,
carried a note
of your rhythmic hand

Lost in it for i don't how long
my eyes kept tracing
the curves of things it let on

And in the lull of that epiphany
i tried and failed repeatedly
to quieten the maddening storms

Caught off-guard,
parted lips all but let out
a sigh of a singular thought

"if only... "


6 thoughts on “If Only

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  1. I apologise if I end up liking this twice, but I put a comment on here earlier about what a gorgeous poem it was, and then both like and comment disappeared, so I’m blaming my ‘reader’ which has a mind of its own and often does this, only to post the comment a few day later….but your poem captures that emotion brilliantly…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for saying that and for taking the time to read my work. I don’t know why the like disappeared but the comments on my site are moderated, so they only appear once I have approved them. I have just begun reading your comments and I am so glad you stopped by.


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