Like The Pi

Irrational – By yours truly.

I don't remember how many times
I have written to you
and how many times I have held back.

How many nights your thought
has crossed my mind,
how many days it became a nuisance.

I don’t know when you seeped
into my marrow
and how to get you out of my system,

When did your words become a panacea
for my sorrows;
why, in your absence, I miss them.

And I know, no, I know,
you can’t be perfect;
flaws make a home in the best of us

But unreasonably so, (yes, unreasonably so!) I suspect
that you’re one of those who,
without making a fuss, 

constantly try to learn from them and grow
And it is one those things, you know,
that makes the crotchheart purr, “Well, hello…” 


However, as I said above,
the operative word,
is, of course, ‘unreasonable’

Hoping you are who I think you are
does nothing but spells 

Swaying back and forth between
want and logic,
to be honest, isn’t really that fun

So stop pushing the swing,
will you?
And let me get off this delirious run

(Maybe just say you never felt the same.
We will chalk it up to a classic case of confusion
because FYI some of us are trying to get actual work done!)

And your promising aura
keeps interrupting my intentions,
urging them to want to want some!

Since bawling is quite stuffy and longing too devotional,
Won't do either but tell you what,
it is your fault that I am feeling so emotional

But the culmination of this (eloquent) diatribe, dear one
is that Love isn’t nice as a pie
No, it’s Selfish, Foolish, Unreasonable

No matter how many times we try, 
It clings to you diabolically,
slowly becoming utterly indispensable

And I wish it were just some common fraction of the life
that could be brushed off
as an ersatz gospel

but very much so like the Pi
Love and loving you seems interminably irrational,
yet, in the circle of mutuality, threatens to become perpetual.


10 thoughts on “Like The Pi

Add yours

    1. You are too kind. Thank you for saying that. And i don’t for a second believe that you can’t write your feelings. I know you can… And way better than me, at that! I am not saying this out of some sense of returning the compliment. I have read your work and i have seen how deftly you can spin a tale about woodlands and a freakin’ boat at the harbor! A boat!
      Writing about love/loss is easy. All the songs and movies and world is about it – constantly. You find a muse, and out pours the romance. Writing about nature, things in the society that move you, day to day struggles… Now thats where i fail and where i know you are so much better. But how about you take a shot at writing a poem on romance this time? And i will try writing about a boat… Or, at least something other than the same ol’ heartbreaks. 🙂 Up for it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Would it? And did i say that i can’t write too well about anything else? I would very much like to write about a pigeon being a nuisance than love!
        Or that stupid little sunbird that keeps chirping its stupid little head off every single morning right when i am trying to go to sleep!

        Anyway, if you do want to give it a try, and i hope that you do just to push yourself creatively, we can both share the work after, let’s make it two weeks or three?

        Liked by 1 person

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