Across the length
of an absurd world
that's busy churning
its wheels of hate
oiled with blood,
hearts in cloak
faces covered in fancy mud,
my heartache finds you course
through the heavens above,
for a one of a kind delight
that shimmers bright
Under a magnetic midnight,
wherein through a helical trot
comes a breathtaking sight
as you, the tiniest of motes,
why, the very epsilons,
crash and spill, making fields of glow,
and underneath your fantastic show
I always end up with a reason to endure.

- EntangleDesigns

Written in response to a challenge by a friend and fellow blogger, Crispina Kemp, wherein she was supposed to write a poem about love, which she says is my wheelhouse, and I was to write about anything but love. Unfortunately, I think I failed the bet. I still ended up writing about love, even if not the mortal kind.

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