Thought we covered some distance
I walked a mile and you did too
But distance was never our issue
Was it?
We could be lying side by side
Me and you,
But there’s no denying the existence
Of infinity
that stands between one and two.
And all the time in the world
isn’t enough for the journey
where impetus of love never comes through.

This one is hiding between its lines a rather famous paradox. See if you can guess what it is.

— EntangleDesigns

P.S. The paradox is not about how you can break any finite length into infinite parts but in fact posits that the very motion itself must as a result be impossible.

2 thoughts on “Infinity

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    1. Ummm… it’s not Aristotle’s but one of Zeno’s Paradoxes, all quite similar in essence. Aristotle did write about them and offered his flawed resolution. But I’ll give it to you. By the way, the poem also incorporates a hint to the correct resolution.

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