The Crab Nebula. Image credit: NASA

Near the end,
the Star that made
'You and I' an ‘Us’
in a matter of seconds,
under a crushing
collapse of variance,
exploded everything we had built
into heated bits of dust
leaving behind
a nebulous maze of flashbacks
where twists and turns
my now aching existence.


11 thoughts on “Nebula

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  1. Oh wow. Though I hope that’s not prophetic! Or I’ll rephrase that. I hope it’s not the foreseeable future. I’d rather like the ‘me’ and ‘you’ that is ‘we’ to enjoy a few more years before being blasted to eternity

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      1. Every day I thank the powers that I’m alive. I enjoy using this body of mine. The fingers hammering the keys, Legs working in walking. I just like using my body. Hence my love of dance

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      2. I think living with a debilitating disorder made me appreciate the physical strength in my body more. Because the vitality seeps out of me on the worst days, and in such a complete way, I am left just a shell of who I am. So when it comes back, I want to stretch my lungs to their limit be it through dancing or running or any other strenuous activity. Having found ways to manage it, I am aware of how differently I treat myself and appreciate myself now than I used to when I didn’t have this illness. So yes, to everything you just said about enjoying the body. Yes!

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      3. Yes, so was i but before the rug got pulled from under my feet due to this illness, i was also quite careless. Unappreciative…sort of. Because i had control all the time so letting go of it wasn’t a big deal and i would let it go too often. Now… My goodness i have a new sense of respect for time itself and for my ability to get through the shit without breaking. Now i take care of myself better, love myself better…if that makes sense?

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      4. It makes every sense. I came through CFS (the cure, a change in diet) with such an appreciation of life, and a much better knowledge of the needs of my body, my mind, my heart, my soul

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