Your world’s a funambulist,
A deathly grip on order, too scared to go astray
& I want to knock it off its balance
Take you with me through uncharted ways

You’re too wary to take any chances
Each step a calculation to a thousandth decimal place
& I want to leave your plans disheveled,
Make you see the beauty in my disarray

Your words form slower than your longings do,
Held back to match the proper etiquettes
& I want to show you the funny side of inelegance
Make you use the dessert spoon on a salad plate

You want to keep your Life all together
But when has anarchy of love ever been immaculate?
& I want to undo your humdrum equilibrium,
Interrupting your quiet with a kiss, steal your breath away.

— EntangleDesigns

5 thoughts on “Disarray

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    1. Thank you for reading and yes, you are right. That semicolon should be a comma! In my previous draft the second line began with “it has a deathly grip…” Which i later edited to make it shorter but forgot to remove the semicolon. 😋 Thank you for pointing it out. 🙂

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