Eyes like an emerald pond
set in a brilliant face
for a while caught her naive attention
Apparition of his sincerity
holding firm her charming grace
till in him she saw her reflection,
An ersatz imagery
left her feeling debased,
distorted by his conceited arrogance
as if she was nothing
& out of love, she fell apace.

— EntangleDesigns

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    1. I actually wrote this after reading yours and I can’t take all the credit because “emerald pond” was a prompt I came across. But your words did inspire mine. I haven’t been in the exact situation (never been in love with an arrogant asshole, that is) but something similar happened twice. And it was hilarious as fuck. I know we live in a world where physical attributes that fit the conventional beauty standards is everything and maybe that’s why “love at first sight” kind of thing exists. And too often people who are beautiful, again, in the conventional sense of the word, tend to assume that they’ll own your attention but for me that kind of arrogance is just…a reason to turn wicked! Nothing is funnier than people who are full of themselves! 😄

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      1. I have recently come across supposed scientific evidence that men do actually fall in love at first sight. Cos men are looking for a woman whio’ll be mother to their child I don’t mean at any conscious level, but when as love ever been a conscious process. Women are more cautious. We want to know the man can provide. So we take our to=ime
        And the arrogant male… I was went right off a fella who has wriiten me love poetry because it included the line:
        I look into your eye and see myself reflected.
        Ok. fuck off fella.
        Oh, the beautiful people. I’ve known one or two of those too, who can’t understand why you’ve dumped them.

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      2. I don’t care for sociological studies or any scientific studies printed in newspapers. Media tends to do a bad job at interpreting scientific results for general public and has a habit of conflating specific conclusions pertaining to a study and applying it to the general masses, too often in a way that wasn’t intended by the authors of the paper. This is kind of a sore topic for me so I won’t bore you with how often I have come across stupid headlines regarding a scientific breakthrough but I get what you’re saying. I too once read about biological traits women unconsciously look for in selecting their mates for the purposes of carrying a healthy offspring but I am not sure of how important a role they play in today’s era where other social factors like financial freedom, choice to become a mother without a partner or not become a mother at all have started playing a more dominant role in modern society. I’d be open to an informed anthropological point of view on the matter from someone who has done the study, but I am not qualified to speak on this.

        I didn’t get the last part… someone wrote you a poetry? I’d say lucky you but seems like he wasn’t a great guy? I am sorry.

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      3. 1083?? So 1983…before I was cursed to be born! Aaaargh! 🤪
        A memorable poem hmm? I have only ever received poetry twice! Both were good friends. Both friendships ended. Guess I shouldn’t have critiqued it! 😋 I am kidding!

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      4. I don’t remember the rest of the poem, just that line. I remember we’d been to the Tate.. And coming out of the subway, he tossed some money at a busker cos the busker was aiming his song at me… don’t remember what song. It was uilding to such a romantic day. THen that.
        No, I didn’t and don’t want to be loved cos I fit someone’s image. I’m me.

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      5. That line, i kind of find it sweet. I remember writing something similar a while back in a poem. I also remember saying something similar to someone i once liked. And immediately regretting it. 😄 Back then i was staunchly in the camp “i won’t say it first”. I think it’s sweet to see someone be so similar to you, share similar core views and somehow still challenge you to be better. I dont see it as “fitting” the image. More like, realising that we have so much in common, it’s easy being ourselves with each other.

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      6. My best relationships have been with people who share a set of core interests… and yet have others apart. People who gel mentally, share a good portion of muscial tastes, read the same books…. but not all of them, and are happy to stay up all night talking, and do NOT try to put restrictions on me.
        Those folks are few and far between, but are treasured when found, male or female

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      7. I get that. 🙂
        Like the poem, i can’t stand arrogance. I love it when a difference in views is met with respect, kindness and an ability to empathize with another person’s perspective. It’s great when someone pushes back and wants you to see things from their point of view as well. I love it when someone can hold a conversation, even when we don’t agree, without being condescending or outright dismissive. I don’t think internet is the place to meet such people. I don’t have high hopes whether such people even exist in real life. My recent interactions have only solidified my belief that people in general pretend to be something they are not and actually just want a “follow for a follow” and a “like for a like”. And i do return the favor often but increasingly now, it seems childish and insincere.

        Anyway, as always, it was really nice chatting with you. Goodnight! 🙂

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