Distorted Retrospections – by yours truly.
My life would belie 
this assertion that I am over the pain
for I write of hypothesis where you exist & I feel alive.
Grief spins me through seasons of reticence and hush
but under downpour of monsoon is when I cry.

They tell me how sorry they are for my loss
but queries or concerns I continually fail to gratify.
They never did nor will they ever know the ‘Us'
Or how this love is supposed to be quantified.

What you are to me, what I was to you
why the coincidence felt like some mystical try
Maybe, if you could be here right now, you’d laugh
watching me negotiate this hurt one mundane rhyme at a time.

Or, maybe you'd hold me in your arms like you used to
till I'd break down watching my knots of diffidence come untied
I cannot remember how many days I have spent reminiscing,
how often bitten lips would muffle anguish of the nights.

A fancy conjecture may it be but the belief that we are 
in some parallel realm together is the one that I keep by my bedside.
And as statistically insignificant an evidence there is
secretly I cling to it even if the solution is clearly contrived.

- EntangleDesigns

6 thoughts on “Multiverse

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    1. Thank you so much for those sweet words! I almost didn’t share the image because I liked it a bit too much! I definitely am not made to share my creativity online because I like keeping stuff that I love to myself, fearing if I share it, it’ll loose that special meaning it had for me when I created it. 😋

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      1. Exactly! Some things shared online might not evoke the same kind of emotion in others the way it does for you. I have a few poems and paintings that I just can’t bring myself to share with random people (not including you…just the general people online) because when I wrote them or drew them, it felt like they took something from me. And somehow they also ended up being far better than most of my stuff here but the thought of sharing them seems physically hurtful to me. As silly as it may sound. 🙂

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