When I say I know you, 
I don’t mean that I know your favorite color
Be it Black, Grey, Red or Blue
or maybe something duller?
No such silly checklists, nope, none!
And maybe if that's what you want, 
Then let’s all say “Hallelujah!” that I am not the One.
But this feeling still drags me to the old haunt
claiming to innately know you
even if to you it feels an affront
You must think I find you predictable,
When I know you are anything but
And no, I don’t know how to make it sound believable
When it’s just a feeling in the gut.

And yes, there is so much I wouldn’t claim to know

Like how many times you have felt alone 
The moments that broke you down
The people who never did atone
Took you for granted, leaving you to drown

When Time seemed a shortchanger
And goodbyes never came
Friends acted like a Stranger
And Strangers made more sense

I don’t know when was it last that you laughed
No, not just a grin, but when you had tears in your eyes
Of what it is that tickles your fancy I know not the half
How you cope with your lows or celebrate your rise

Do your dark moods overshadow a sunny day
or, does your strength ever feels capsized?
I don’t know how you kept finding your way
when fighting back seemed ill-advised

Or, the junctures that turned your path
The milestones that made you smile
How you dealt with betrayal's aftermath
when crippled, still managed to walk a mile

So you’ll say that clearly, my feelings are flawed
for these are the very things where knowing must start.
And if not delusional, then I must really be a fraud
Without concrete proof, my case blatantly falls apart.

But to admit that this was a mistake I’d still be loath
And having no reverence for or belief in any Gods,
If you were to compel me to make a solemn oath
when victory stands happily in the company of your odds,
I swear I'll testify to do my part
to tell the Truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but the Truth
by raising my right hand, with my left upon your Heart.

— EntangleDesigns

8 thoughts on “Conviction

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  1. This is as if you are psychic and aware of what do sometimes think about about a certain other. And that last line pins it.
    Please may I have your permission to share this on my twitter account? I will not do it without your express permission

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! I am so glad that you think it is shareable and if you want to, please go ahead and share it. As always, I appreciate your support and that you took the time to read my work. 🙏😊

      Liked by 1 person

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