So now that you have found your little corner that’s bustling
with ingratiating voices you so dearly adore,
dressed in intricately woven tulle and fine muslin
Their fawning lips keep screaming,

Isn't it everything you wanted and still,
so much more?

So now that you have killed me, granted, for the umpteenth time
Looks like this time death will take
for beats that began dancing to the rhythm of your chime
fell finally numb, trounced by
reiterated ache

Isn’t it odd that to reality it almost took me
a century to wake?

So now that we are done, tell me what were the magic words?
To what I thought a reticent heart, everyone seems to have a key
Thrice I knocked only to find your charm descend by two thirds
They get your ardent attention, but it’s dismissal
you kept for me

Isn’t it silly that I find myself, still, making excuses
for your cruelty?

So now that you have found the one you love or so you claim
And I'm stuck finding a way out of this engulfing morass
Acting ignorant as you turn a blind eye to my strain,
as if seeming a goody two-shoes could never be
that crass,

Isn't it funny, you kiss her lips, thinking I'd stay and
raise the glass?

— EntangleDesigns

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