Tonight there's no bag of tricks beside me
out of which to spin ourselves a tale 
of everlasting love
or a spurned lover's plea.

Heartbreaks seem to have lost their wail,
saccharine romance is wearing tediousness
under its gossamer negligee
& my heart can find no bearings
in that same old wearisome detail.

These sanguine arms of Horizon
have come wrapped 
'round crossroads of finality
and Tomorrow is no more a promise
than a curse lingering
on infidelity’s first kiss.

So don’t ask me to write another letter
that drips of vows
people are meant to break.
Don’t tell me how
those who chose to stay together,
come hell or high-water,
will make it till the end.

Sometimes I find your faith childish,
As if you refuse to see things as they stand.
A dreamer who sees irrationality
as a reason to spend lifetimes
to make it make sense!

Whereas I bury my fears and face
in constellations that light up
midnight's embrace,
Spending each minute in solitude
burning, day and night, like they do,
as if there'll be reprieve in Nothingness of space.

Your rose-colored beliefs
have a way of leaving me irate,
for where I write of hurt, you seem to find beauty
but when you talk of love,
I only look for expiration dates.

How is it that two people
who have been watching
the same stars,
see different meanings
to take away?

And since you say you know
it will be okay,
these sanguine arms of Horizon
seem to have come wrapped
‘round crossroads of inevitability,

So for the both of us
light up your hearth of Hope,
because to keep reality out of place,
Tonight I find by my side,
no bag of tricks.

— EntangleDesigns

4 thoughts on “Crossroads

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  1. Oh woe is you, and I would cast a magic spell to wish you well. For I have been where you are and do know how foolish I now seem. But if only for a little while I intend to play this game. For it is fun. And rather fun than a life that’s glum. And fun I wish upon you.

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