Among the very many lessons

that are left to learn,

The one that I keep failing,

ever so willingly,

Is how to love you in moderation.

Just as a canoe in the clutch

of a tempestuous sea

is no more at fault

than this rabid notion,

I wouldn’t know how to judge

Or even where to begin

so that loving is just enough,

leaving no room for misgiving,

but never becomes too much,

When selfishness is my only sin.

It’s an impasse, to be sure.

A minute or an hour will never do.

I’d rather eschew a fitful allure,

If I can not possess all of you.

And if prudence frames your contour,

Then my madness is your cue,

Take your peace & leave the play

but I’m a gambler through and through.

Writing clandestine stories like cliché,

where all can get the gist but it’s for you I leave the clue.

— EntangleDesigns

11 thoughts on “Selfish

Add yours

      1. Hmm.. I thought you’d find the possessiveness here at best, unhealthy or at worst, irritating (yes, at worst)😋and of course, that’d have been a completely reasonable response. 😅


      2. Or, if it’s never learned because you just don’t want to…? 🙂

        I think we have had enough cryptic notes passed back & forth today! So on to the next silly poem, it is for me 😋
        Sending love and light your way! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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