To keep myself afloat 

I crafted reasons out of thin air,

Scrambled together 

their splintered foundation,

Stacked them side by side 

in a precise formation,

Salvaging a proof that wouldn’t appear

damaged beyond repair.

But the impervious Sea remained,

as ever, a merciless affair.

Nor did the angry winds take a kinder view.

Calling for me to give up 

instead of pushing through,

They unanimously pointed out

the grievous absence of your care.

I kept choosing, still, to see the light in you,

when hindsight reflected ‘beware’.

Nor did I turn back when longer

stretched the cold Nights.

Or, waves seemed a warmonger,

bloodthirsty for comeuppance

under Moon’s damning glare.

Against my soul I vouched for you,

claiming your heart stands fairer than fair

But the Sun refuses to let up its torridity

and poses the same query each day,

branding my constancy a symptom of simplicity,

Mockingly he asks, “How goes the pilgrimage

to the port that has never been there?”

— EntangleDesigns

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