There is something to be said

about the art of hiding in plain sight;

placing a smile instead

of a mien lit under a vacant light.

This instinctive deception we thread

through multiple loops of disguise

etches reasons in it’s plated chrome,

holding a mask over mystic words

till the labyrinth feels the only home

while we take a sip from reheated hurt.

And the wounded, left with calloused hands

from sifting through the jagged dirt,

still clutch resolutely to their broken pans,

hoping to find, as if flecks of gold,

a glitter of acknowledgements

in what they believe are silted folds

of an ungrudging alluvial earth

and not the barren dunes of wastelands.

— EntangleDesigns

7 thoughts on “Wastelands

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      1. I knew you meant it as a compliment. I was just teasing you. πŸ™ˆ After all, when has a simple ‘thank you’ ever done more than fulfil the boring condition of mutual curtesy, when what you really want is just to carve out a little window to let humor in. πŸ˜‹

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