Feels like you became an epoch

the day I moved on from you

wrenching my heart away,

demarcating as if with an indelible marker,

what I was before & how did I decay.

Though time, unperturbed,

kept flowing past me anyway.

Feels like you became an epoch

And somehow, somewhere I got stuck like a boulder

In its unforgiving stream.

Beyond recognition 

it smoothed my edges and seams

in an ever changing

but never becoming mise en scène.

Feels like you became an epoch

And now I date my breaths

like some vestige of a fossil in an ore

that now serves to be

a mocking reminder of an era in Before

when living without you didn’t feel

as if the very act of some war.

Feels like you became an epoch…

— EntangleDesigns

7 thoughts on “Epoch

Add yours

      1. Gosh, how much would you charge?
        But many things and many people inspire me.
        I’m currently seeking inspiration. That love story needs completion, and closure, and tucking into my box of memories. And that requires a poem.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm… I don’t have a love story or a memory box that this one came out of. I can’t even take complete credit for this one when a song inspired it. But as for finishing your love story, I wish you luck in finding the right kind of inspiration to find closure. Ooh… I do have a half-written poem about closure but it seems to be struggling with…you know…closure. So it’s in the pile of many other half-written ballads that I keep giving a stink eye to. Anyway, good luck with yours. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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