Aurora’s been sleeping since four 

under tenebrous covers

of angry blue

Storms gather outside the door

Clamoring to have a drink or two

Been a while since a sip now

Last bender costing an arm and a leg

but you may already know the woes

preceding the inevitable “how”

if you ever mastered the insides of a keg

Hurt brooked no hold from gravity

resurfaces like bile

I keep swallowing back

And where instead a heart lies a cavity

and a bin full of promises turning black

Thought Time would take mercy & grant closure

But might as well have bought a mythic view

leaving is to leave every day, over and over

And even then

some days there’s no respite from you

— EntangleDesigns

5 thoughts on “Closure

Add yours

    1. I don’t know how to answer that honestly and if I can’t be honest then I shouldn’t say anything at all. But at the core of the mess, the answer is a muddy yes.
      And something tells me you know exactly what I am saying.
      Also, thank you for reading and especially, for understanding. 🙂


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