Ennui – by yours truly.

These days sky wears his heaviness

as if gravity has forsaken her place,

climbed right out the ground and up

to make love to his blues instead.

Untethered from it’s pull beneath,

I float in light-headedness

with a free and empty heart 

but this world matted all chrome red,

insists on dropping in, all high and mighty,

oozing with bitterness, 

and yet,

sounds as hollow an echo

as rationale in pantheonic sects.

Those false memories of better tomorrows

it keeps rubbing like salt

on wounds of this terminal case,

seeking a miracle from its Gods

to denounce what it brands cloven-footed ways,

never could nor would they ever save

the alleged sinners in us,

though its blind beliefs never give up the chase.

Why can’t it take some time off the sermons

to tie up the loose ends and that lace,

before the other shoe drops

so at least in peace we can wait

for the incoming warheads…

Watch them sketch a pretty arc across a doomed sky 

who is blushing in the afterglow

besides a naked gravity in his mussy bed.

I bet the notorious happily-ever-afters,

at last awake to rampant entropy,

will erupt like fireworks overhead,

before they vanish all but without a trace.

I bet comforting iridescence of bubbles

will eventually run into barbed spaces,

popping instantly out of existence,

eyes left wide among flaccid shreds.

I bet then this world and I

can finally find a common ground

once we are past the point of living,

and walk the land of the blissful dead.

— EntangleDesigns

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