Memory falters in its steps

I remember watching myself watch you

Or maybe it was the other way around – unless

your dream’s been dreaming me anew

and all that I heard and what came next 

took roots in my head – watered and fed, 

we grew

Witching hour struck when you read your runes

Paying no heed to olden tales,

Senses went astray within your dunes,

Though I still remember their fine details

must have shunned daylight for your moons,

must have swapped vaulted blues for 

tempting jails

Your insistence wraps around my wrist,

And I am left stranded in the middle of some thought

Pulls me back into your arms and I can’t resist

all my concerns coming to naught

You reiterate vows like a hex before the Kiss

But did I even try or did I wish 

to get caught?

Now I close my eyes to see if it is what I chose

Or did you make it seem so?

Between the fog and your potion’s dose

How to ascertain if it is weal or woe?

But I find you digging your heels on my toes

when I question to keep my faith 

or forgo

Blooming like gardenia in my hair,

With each whisper, you lure me into your shell

and as if a poppet, I have been dancing without care

End hanging by the hook of your farewell

So better keep me close in your snare

Because it doesn’t matter anymore if it is love 

or a spell…


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