Look how you have changed me, 

how you became my godsend. 

I think I know better now.

I think I look better too 

– Under this muck of pretend – 

Don’t think it a blame

No, I made the incision myself 

while the hot rasp of your voice played

and you stayed in the background. 

It had its way with me last night, 

the way brutes do. 

I told you that’s how I’ll like it, 

and you did come through. 

You are reliable as the wind, 

though I am not here to offend

Not when I like your lies so dearly

I think I am in love with them.

Feels like deja vu

Every time you draw your ink

from these open wounds

That’s what they are here for, 

why I won’t recommend

suturing busted lips

It’s an adventure, you see

So forget what they said about the map

and follow me

Go deeper and a little off-center,

a slight turn of the hips

and I think you’ll hit the spot.

Didn’t think it possible to love more

when you hurt worse than bad

Who needs sticks and stones

when your words can screw with my head?

No, I think I’ll ignore the sign outside your door

the one that shows a skull and the crossbones

to take your glistening rage,

your pain, your war

It’s all because of you, for you

Even if to you this reads mad.


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