I wonder what must it look like, a sky without the stars?

Where once shone septillion flaming notions

now just a pitch black ocean

evincing scars?

I wonder if it could, would it feel as lost as I do

when silence seethes between us?

Not willing to be the first to bury this fuss

Still, does it die a little too as I do in missing you?

I wonder if it knows its Dark carries no heft

without twinkling aura of its sweethearts?

And that, if not against its cimmerian parts

their Luminance just as well turns inapt?

I wonder when you are looking up at night

do you, like me, notice it too?

How easily each seems to undo

careful put-ons the other chose in morning’s light?


10 thoughts on “Starless

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    1. I am so sorry that you are going through something similar as in the poem. I don’t know if words of consolation ever do anything to alleviate this kind of pain apart from letting one know that the other understands. So, I understand.

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      1. I thank you. Though that stage has now eased into conversation… and more iportantly, communication. I cannot be in any kind of relationship, be it with my kids, my parents, friends, lovers, without open and willing communication

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      2. Can there even be a sustainable relationship without communication? Words matter. I know some people say actions do… and they do. But really, if you aren’t saying it out loud what it is that you need, or how you feel, and if you aren’t listening, it starts to hurt. Though love is its genesis but all by itself, it simply is not enough to keep a relationship going. It takes so much active work, so much time and energy to make the same choice of staying together day in, day out. As someone who has a tendency to always overdo it, I find relationships exhausting. Keeping that number as small as possible for the sake of mental peace is a priority for me.

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