And beneath this speckled roof that peeks

Curiously at creasing paper catching fire

Ancient ink warns in augural shrieks

“If only burning verses would burn the desire”

But these fools, they don’t bide by subtlety

Declaring intentions at top of the lungs

Ringing through sinew to bones so utterly

Can’t seem to stand for biting one’s tongue

Trusting there’s heart within the Steel

Aching for warmth they strike the flint

And as if reading vows within Devil’s deal

Neglect the catch written in fine print

And when it breaks, oh, it breaks so wholly

No pieces to glue back in motes of dust

Rearranging every atom over time too slowly

Still wouldn’t let their essence readjust

So, yes, it’s crucial to treat each tremor of hope

As if it were the very sacrificial lamb

Whose mutilation would help the gullible cope

With the truth that in real world, faith’s a scam


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