So this old tavern must have heard every story

Every permutation of pain under the Sun

Their’s does seem much too heavy to carry

While mine, after all this time, feels like a loved one.

Doesn’t even draw more than a drop anymore

Though I tell it, I am used to it by now

“There’s no fun if doesn’t hurt like it used to before”

So it says and I understand that perfectly somehow

And Light shines a knowing nod with its flicker

Where hours tip-toe by as I stare at an amber glass

Stone-cold sober with a drunkard’s slur

Waiting for something to change but not the Past

Her, I want to remember when I was someone else

And She took her sweet time to pick that one apart

Flesh, then bones, till the ‘I’ faded into nothingness

A coup de grace that’s been framed like a work of art

Somewhere in between ten rotations I was redone

Came alive by all accounts, though just a smidge dead within

That’s where it lives now, like some forever season

In shadows of Winter longing for a smile of Spring


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