Well, what a mood to content with today

Stillness sits snug between your blue lips

And so, even the Sun seems aggravating

In this capital cold of November haze

Stacking moments in temporal crypts

Where newness holds a biting sting

Its promise serves only to reignite old blaze

Stepping once more close to its inviting licks

I let you burn me all over again in the fire ring

Somethings never change, do they?

Not unlike an addict looking for a fix

Sense, that elusive one, senses would not bring

And I fear, having been set in absurd ways

I’d keep coming back, even for the tricks

So to twist the knife and let your ghosts sing

Tears do well should words fail to appraise

The salve for hurt where you left the nicks

Silent confession of both hating and wanting

You, yet, it is for distance that it prays

And maybe, for Clock to hasten its ticks

Each letter driving another nail in the coffin

Pierces right through me to seal the remains

And where sincerity couldn’t, misery fits

In the gaping hole that I carry within

Even the best of my smiles now wearing bloodstains


4 thoughts on “Bloodstains

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  1. I’m not sure I can comment on this. Your words make it sound like someone has hurt you, and still they hurt you. It draws my compassion.
    And yet, by your words in comments given, I do wonder if this is a poem for poem’s sake. Or if it is true?

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