I want to write something witty but I guess the fact that I told you that I want to write something witty has automatically made this utterly generic.

So here goes a sufficiently average introduction to you, a complete stranger: I am a female human who is pursuing Physics. My fields of interest oscillate between high energy Astrophysics and Quantum physics. An average day of my life involves tonnes of reading and solving differential equations.

I also happen to have something called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). What is it exactly? Well, reader, I suggest you look it up because otherwise this introduction will turn into a Nicholas Sparks’ sob story minus all the heart-warming romance (or, heart-gagging, depending on your taste). Basically, it will be a phlegm-fest with no emotional satisfaction for either of us.

Why do I mention my disorder? Because it’s the main reason why I ended up making this website. To help myself work through difficult times this disorder brings. Two years ago I began to doodle on my phone to keep my focus away from negative impulses that ranged from devouring 2 tubs of Banana Split Sundae on a Monday to going full-blown Hulk, breaking and crushing whatever lay in the way, not excluding hearts. This eventually led me to start making digital abstract art (without using a stylus, which I only mention so that you’ll be doubly enthralled by my finger’s versatility the next time you scroll through my work!)I have always been artistically inclined but now I had a purpose, which was to not kill anyone, including myself!

I don’t use traditional paints to draw because I can’t stand the smell. Funnily enough, I used to enjoy making water color paintings when I was a kid! Now it affects my OCD badly. Last year (2018) I discovered, through amazing people on twitter-verse, the power of crafting poetry and how engaging the whole process can be. Writing poetry also gives me the freedom to push the boundaries of imagination that I found limiting in the medium and tools of my artwork.

Now, reader, I am a reclusive person who likes to guard her privacy as much as she can afford, without losing out on the benedictions of internet connectivity. So, I won’t engage in conversations that are location/age/race specific unless they add to discussions I am interested in. Please be mindful of that.

The purpose of this website is, first of all, to keep making something constructive while surviving through a volatile period of time brought on by a nasty disorder. Secondly, I want to share this creative space of my life with anyone who finds it interesting and shares similar interests.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you for taking interest in my work, whether you follow me, engage with my blog or even if you’re just aimlessly creeping through internet to check out “stuff”. I am happy that you stopped by and took a moment out of your busy life to get to know me a little.