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Photo courtesy Alexander Krivitskiy Struggling everyday to undo your tether & spent energy has rolled into sweaty beads,  You affect a phony exterior, but I know this bondage, and it will not bluff So many ways to have You punished, Now I need Your tears on my lips,  The chains, sure, they will restrict,... Continue Reading →


This gulf, overwhelming it will always seem A yawning abyss, an endless reach, if nothing worth caring lies beyond. I have been gambling in doubts, While you, callous and aware,  leave but shadows of affirmation for me to grasp Sifting through poetic cyphers all I find is you behind a Veil, while your cards remain close to heart Rhyming hoary mistrust with fledgling... Continue Reading →

A Phantasm

Devious Wishes - by yours truly Must be a cunning concurrence, For I regard meant-to-be’s an absurd stance. Still Your mere existence has been dangling devious wishes, asking me to walk another step. A Wayward part of me wants to hail a feverish “Yes!” “Yes, for you and only you, I feel more than out... Continue Reading →


  Tormenting Wants - by yours truly. Frigid vacuum of your absence slowly morphed into icicles of sorrow, they now hang, shimmering, by my ribs, reminders of an era when we knew nothing  but of fulgent Sun and perennial Spring.  EntangleDesigns


Shifts - By yours truly. Shifts available in canvas prints, metal prints and other products. Visit Long have held these wretched gates of Inequality Built on corpses of Destitution by Brutality. But Winds of Time, never do they mind a singular march, Shifts are churning in the pits of Morality's arch. Rinsing viscous venality of... Continue Reading →


For a while now I have been struggling to keep up with my resolve to write or paint something new whenever time permits or health blows apart. Just so I can keep adding stuff here, keep things constructive even if mundane and keep this website going. Most days, I don't find the time. Sometimes, I... Continue Reading →


Slow hands are getting busy devising sinful plans to hike through lustful adventures   Having forsaken prudence Or hesistation's censures, Rabidly they explore inviting voluptuous ventures   Eager in pursuit of luscious Wetlands Assenting Surrender beckons voracious commands   Under Night's blind Or, Day's peeking chance Famished, they keep up the hunt for screaming bits of trance. ©EntangleDesigns


What binds my wrists by the grip of your hastening heartbeats is the need for some swelling thrill that brightly burns, even if ephemeral, radiating like a starlight's burst, in the vacuum of this algid loneliness. My reality or yours, offensively it stands amidst the daydreams we have been busy weaving, living to fill the moments with flaky desires to feel, to something greater we must belong.... Continue Reading →


Melancholy - by yours truly. Getting over you feels like a round the clock job I never applied for. Now sitting amongst those experienced in nursing a broken heart, I wonder whether this melancholic lifewill ever be able to write a chapter after "You". Excuse me if I don't believe that some Twelve steps could... Continue Reading →

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