Prismatic Rebellions - By yours truly Wrapped for Years in Inhibitions, Enclosed by Taboos of Forbiddance, Ever Devoid of Carnal Ecstasy, Parched, my soul stayed shackled. Till I found you, The one who saw me better than the world did. Rejuvenating my broken wings, Lovingly spurred strength anew again. Taking the helm Of autonomy, Now We began Our... Continue Reading →

Where were you?

Degradation - By yours truly. Where were you?The Devil rose upAscending the throneBraiding deceitInto the fabricof naive youth.His Believersburnt Integrity,Sanity layclawedto shreds.Mothersturned mad,their babesrundownby slow turningWheels of lawWhile Truth,sentencedto pay forthe sinsOf all,Perished,nailed to yourfibbing cross.Where were you?©EntangledDesigns

Cubical Living

Cubical Living - By yours truly. The White Cube I suffocate in daily Bears scratches of my manicured nails That cross off days till mundane weekend finds its lethargic way Into my tepid, monochromatic existence that pines for Greener alleyways. While surfing During lunch breaks Through our collective Photoshopped haze Fantasizing a life That fits... Continue Reading →


Charming your way into my soul, Spinning one lie after next, you've made your way through, I let the walls down, Did you get a better look? Gave you a sumptuous spread of my all, You feasted beyond your fill, So did you find in me what you wanted to? Now that I am exposed,... Continue Reading →


This is Gary. Blindsided by treachery, Gary is trapped in an emotional upheaval. - By yours truly 😛 Gary was a shy and amiable fellawho, everyone knew, had been tryingfor past three years to tell her,How desperate in love he wasWith the unwitting Bella.But he waited and waitedFor the right moment like forever!Till one day... Continue Reading →


The Incredible Logical Incoherence Of A Jejune Mindset - By yours truly. Forever a pilgrimyou could call Her.Walking throughrevolving doors,to Temples of posh,high-end stores.She'd drop you a pennyof sideways glance,valuating your worthfrom hair to shoes.Pearly whites setin a forever smirk.She lives to breathe inyour sorry lowliness.What no one knowsis the sheer emptinessthat hounds Her dailyfake... Continue Reading →

The Monsters We Make

The Monsters We Make - By Yours Truly. Basking under lights of love,Inviolable remains a naive heart.Protected from shadows of Abaddon.Flourishing under a doting hearth,Molds into a beacon of mirth.But that one... The onewho suffers your shame, your stonesLiving devoid of nurturing care or hopeOft is accursedBy blemishes of rancorChristened with fetid impulseAs your infection makes homeIn stygian... Continue Reading →

To Love A Cynic

Lovers In The Fray - By Yours Truly. It's a pity dear that I can't ever believe the love that drops from your misty gaze has ever really been sincere for me, aloof I walk the sands of armored beach,with thoughts that segue from leerytrappings of a betrayed spiritto isolated heart roaring ravenous screams. Unfortunate am I that... Continue Reading →

A Celestial Affair

A Celestial Affair - By yours truly. Sometimes, Reader, what I have in mind doesn't translate well in art because I use limited tools and there's only so far I can go in drawing faces without a stylus. Sometimes I think I should get one just to explore more complexity in drawing portraits. But that... Continue Reading →

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