She Doesn’t Care

Nah, you're just mad she doesn't care what you think. In this perennial Rain of random opinions, drops of your negativity slide down her skin to die at her carefree feet but her life never stops twerking, thumping, popping, locking, and hella mad swinging to the beats of her own music And you are pissed... Continue Reading →

The Nut-Cracker.

Photo By Timothy Paul Smith I wore a short skirt.Men presumed I must be a flirt.Every lewd stare tries to catch my eye.They claim I'm a tease,Attention-seeker on the fly.My eyes stay fixed straight ahead,responses to the point,Conversations curt.Exit routes constantlybeing mappedin a frustrated heart.They believe a slight grazeof a hand can't hurt.I swing around &... Continue Reading →

Queen Of Sleaze

'Caught' - By Yours Truly Warning: Following poetry is riddled with profanity and the sarcastic tone paints a derogatory picture of women who are expected to meet world's impossible standards of beauty. If swear words easily fray your sensibilities, then please refrain from scrolling down. Unlike my mother I was never magnificentborn quite ordinary from one... Continue Reading →

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