Your mouthcourses down my neck,fingers rush into inscribe urgent newsinto my lungs,pulling me closeryou impel me to chime inwith the chaos& as if moonstruck, we tastein each other's fleshambrosia that for second helpingskeeps us coming back. --EntangleDesigns


The Crab Nebula. Image credit: NASA Near the end, the Star that made 'You and I' an ‘Us’ in a matter of seconds, under a crushing collapse of variance, exploded everything we had built into heated bits of dust leaving behind a nebulous maze of flashbacks where twists and turns my now aching existence. --EntangleDesigns

Outside (Haiku)

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Day I left the norm to think Outside the Box was when I went Missing. --EntangleDesigns


Image in the background by Piotr Marcinski. At odds forever like water licked by fire.Yet, entangled in carnal disposition,Our comportments sizzle in juxtaposition.One misstep & out comethe blades of pride dipped in ire.A volatile intrigue feeding nutrition,Your mouth on wetted lips compelling my petitions.Once in step & we shunliberty for arresting cuff of desire.©EntangledDesigns

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