Queen Of Darkness

Behold, She rises.The Queen of Darkness! Of Earthy sensual form,A Bodacious bed of lust.Carrying gaze a'heavyWherever she goes. Sowing seeds & sinnersIn pure or venal souls.Reaping carnal obsessionsOut the garden of Thirst. Her fervid walk!O' Her fervid walk!Each swing stakingAnother bewitched heart. Her fiery eyes,Her arresting fiery eyesEach glare inviting,Gnawing decency to dust. Her pulchritudeHer... Continue Reading →

Azure Gaze

These beatific vines of her love arrest my wisdom’s institute Wrapping it in peachy warmth, they melt it’s cold solitude Crimson buds of blooming romance want broken faith to reconstitute I eclipse the truth from her azure gaze, but my futility dissolves in absolute. © EntangledDesigns


Debased Morality - By yours truly. No, not today. Not again. Reflections Of mirrors Distorting My Existence. Reality, My reality Slipping, Engulfed Into Violent Waking Nightmares. Riot, Bloody riot Tearing, Trembling Tired flesh Breaking Weary bones Ripping, Feasting My endurance. Reasons, My reasons To take another Gulp of Sustenance Crumbling On Ruby ground Swirling Into... Continue Reading →

Bad Feeling

Photo By Joel Filipe Bad feelings come a-knocking.Up the throat they float, a-rocking.A big gulp of tears & snot,Pushing 'em down the tunnels of heart.Delicate levees self-destructing,Flooded heaves, hopes a-drowning.Impending disaster, veins a-gushing,Bloodied grounds, lives a-hurting.

Traps Of Chance

Free Falling Traps Of Chance - By yours truly. Stay mum chapped lips holding on to secrets by a scarred skin of the teeth Stay moist traitor irisescontrasting a stolid poisewith whispers of a dying wishStay tall cynical walls of blisskeeping secure a jilted heartfrom falling into trap of possibilities.©EntangledDesigns


Our long good byes have beenplucking bits of mysanity, sneaking fractions of my happinessinto your packedbags.Each time you call, saying hello,my heart sinks inmiseryOf what’s to come afterthis sweet reunitingspan,I'm not sure, of the two,what suffocates mytranquilityThis piercing excitementof getting to hold youagainOr that you’ll leave too soon,drowning me once more inmelancholy.


Faces We Wear - By yours truly. Don’t disturb still watersthinking you could dip a toe, Flicking it’s serenity, making waves, only to let it goDon’t go around poking a Devil's heart,Believing yourself to be invincibleIt’s an abyss of possessive pull,happy to rip you apartDon’t call your demure charmsome great lesson in love.Covered in ashes of... Continue Reading →

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