Crossing Borders

I have no new poems to post today. So here's an artwork that had been in progress for a couple of weeks now and I finally found the time today to add the finishing touches. This one's called: Crossing Borders For A Better Madhouse Immigration issues around the world and specifically, the orange man in... Continue Reading →

Phantasm Of You

Alone I sat admiring Juniper leavesA raindrop kissed my parted lips, Gentle stirrings of yourcaffeine-like musingsthat lovingly scurry my idle beatsWeaving a tale of your affectionThat held steady,unreservedly,just for meOnly for me...I blinked and woke to my verdant fieldAnd found you absent from that blissful sceneA phantom face; a random chanceYou came, you wentLike wind you touchedWhat had stayed aloofA facet... Continue Reading →

Blind You Stay

I'd answer your every wishWith a love that leaps and boundsIn tides just you will commandIf only you would let me inEach time I come aroundIn hopes this moon you'll realize& yet, somehow I know not a vow I voiceWill ever make a difference to you...Writing in ink of mistrustYou already have pinned a Scarlet letterOn my head, labeling my hopesdishonest to the bones.And to that... Continue Reading →

Eons Ago

You said it over and over againAnd never did I reciprocateOut of fear of deviation;From a path of singular wantNow that I possess after which,all my life, relentlessly did I run While dropping for you crumbsOf hope along my solitary wayHanging you by rope of excusesPulled the lever to open the TrapYou made love to your HangmanAs I slowly strangulated your faithOccasional tales began to evolveA... Continue Reading →

Ruby Lips

Ruby Lips - by yours truly Yoursyrupykiss of creativityon myRuby lipshasevokedan unbridleddelugeof desiresthatwantsto pullyou indeeperintomyrestlessconscious,twirlingour luckbytaking achance,if onlyyou wouldreadmyunsentmessages. I have been down with flu so I am killing time with mindless poetry and art! 🙄 I did hope I'd post a poem that I wrote last time I had the chance to witness a... Continue Reading →

Final Time

Here I lay, naked on this bed of thornsI have been dying since long agoEach one prickles my will to go onAnd you didn't see oh what I have becomeDrank freely, uncaring your thirst,from the rivers that ran from my hurtsSun rolled up and your vultures cameFear moaned loud, my tears ran dryAnd you didn't believe oh how I've... Continue Reading →


Life's a journey. Are you the traveler or a bystander? Read the quote on a nosey poster that hugged annoyingly one of the walls of my newly rented apartment and quickly into 20 pieces I had it torn. Taking off my two-cups-too-small a bra, jiggled my feet out those stuffy knockoffs that I so love... Continue Reading →

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