Crossing Borders

I have no new poems to post today. So here's an artwork that had been in progress for a couple of weeks now and I finally found the time today to add the finishing touches. This one's called: Crossing Borders For A Better Madhouse Immigration issues around the world and specifically, the orange man in... Continue Reading →

Eons Ago

You said it over and over againAnd never did I reciprocateOut of fear of deviation;From a path of singular wantNow that I possess after which,all my life, relentlessly did I run While dropping for you crumbsOf hope along my solitary wayHanging you by rope of excusesPulled the lever to open the TrapYou made love to your HangmanAs I slowly strangulated your faithOccasional tales began to evolveA... Continue Reading →

Ruby Lips

Ruby Lips - by yours truly Yoursyrupykiss of creativityon myRuby lipshasevokedan unbridleddelugeof desiresthatwantsto pullyou indeeperintomyrestlessconscious,twirlingour luckbytaking achance,if onlyyou wouldreadmyunsentmessages. I have been down with flu so I am killing time with mindless poetry and art! 🙄 I did hope I'd post a poem that I wrote last time I had the chance to witness a... Continue Reading →


Life's a journey. Are you the traveler or a bystander? Read the quote on a nosey poster that hugged annoyingly one of the walls of my newly rented apartment and quickly into 20 pieces I had it torn. Taking off my two-cups-too-small a bra, jiggled my feet out those stuffy knockoffs that I so love... Continue Reading →

Storm Of Reluctance

   Woke up to take a walk barefooton my golden sands only to find itlittered with stygian ashes of hopeAlong my prideful emerald shoreThat now tosses and turns dark,raising a screaming hellAs it Nibbles lifeless form of a boyWhose mother drowned last nightClawing desperately at life for her child.Against a portentous storm of Reluctance,She raged... Continue Reading →

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