Happy New Year

They say it's what makes the world go round It births countless poems, Swims in rose petals, it breathes in ink of endless melodies written, on how it continues to thrive with glee or pain entwined. Inarguably, it remains the most yearned after feelings of all. So as begins another set of tickings to mark... Continue Reading →

Death Now Becomes Me

Warning: Sensitive content. Following is a poetry written about abuse, violence and how a woman's choice to not bear a child is deemed irrelevant. To carry on a pregnancy is an obligation dictated by a society of corrupt morals, stripping her off the basic human right that is bodily integrity. Often destroying it religiously right... Continue Reading →

Write A Letter

Write a letter to me... Write a letter, not with ink but with your finger tips and hard-pressed lips against my stark bare body. Make it rhyme not with words but with the peaks of your breath compelled by that primal ravenous drive. Then sign it with a fiery awakening of your name In my quivering... Continue Reading →

No More Human

Red - By yours truly. Lying in a pool of her own blood, she smiles over the damages she wrecked on everyone who tried to suppress  her little needs that burnt everyday  only to transform into a vicious emblem  of vengeance; apathy its only nourishment,  pray you didn't run afoul this sickly entity  that no more seemed human. Yet 'neath those murderous... Continue Reading →

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