Faces We Wear - By yours truly. Don’t disturb still watersthinking you could dip a toe, Flicking it’s serenity, making waves, only to let it goDon’t go around poking a Devil's heart,Believing yourself to be invincibleIt’s an abyss of possessive pull,happy to rip you apartDon’t call your demure charmsome great lesson in love.Covered in ashes of... Continue Reading →


What I feel for you goes beyond telescopic gaze of a poet's heart,delicate details of a fine artNot always that soulful,Neither often confined by virtueSometimes passion can be brutal,Derives pleasure while being cruelBut one word from you,And my flaming reins will let goI can only have that which you'll bestowNot a scratch less, never a kiss moreA rhythmic dance of the power... Continue Reading →


Constancy of space,linearity of timeround my tired mind has been cracking under weight of dark matters of a tattered heartthat stands shivering barein this crowded bar bombinating with tinder bees, grinder DDsBubbling cocktails and thirsty lips& despite all lustful feelings,grooving hips, sly winks,dirty slurs of whisperings,It’s still you who’s on my wish-list.©EntangledDesigns

Auf Wiedersehen

Cherubic Babbling - By Yours Truly Been a day & five months since I said goodbyeDoing a loop de loop, on our determined swearsto never see each other again,Here you now stand at my doorstep,Drenched by a drizzle, joking to mehow I hate romantic clichés,corners of your lips angling just the right wayA quiver in the... Continue Reading →

Rivulets Of Fantasy

Rivulets Of Fantasy - By Yours Truly. Somnolent, she layslumbering upona fluffy beddingof incessantloopy dreamsof everything goodcoated in savorysaccharine syrupof wins.Far away fromdesolate groundsof realityshe's longdesertedWhere rolls failureon every roadScreeching byon tires of Trying.No true land, she's gushing in rivulets of fantasybut in her beaming worldTopaz sunlight drops inEach day to deliverone bottle of hope,Two of liberty&... Continue Reading →

Heat Of Time

Photo by Sasha Freemind My feelings for youhad Gordian knots of darknessthat rears its headWhen no one's looking.While you pleadedFor me to take a leap,My self-destructive streaksoverworked, busy weavingan unseen noose,Waited patientlyFor me to let go...Portentous misgivingsWarped into budding hopes Nudging softlyto take the plungeinto that famous valley of loveAll so togetherwe could discoverhow a thoughtful... Continue Reading →

The Nut-Cracker.

Photo By Timothy Paul Smith I wore a short skirt.Men presumed I must be a flirt.Every lewd stare tries to catch my eye.They claim I'm a tease,Attention-seeker on the fly.My eyes stay fixed straight ahead,responses to the point,Conversations curt.Exit routes constantlybeing mappedin a frustrated heart.They believe a slight grazeof a hand can't hurt.I swing around &... Continue Reading →

Healing vs. Forgiveness

One of the biggest lies for centuries has been living it up big, under the disguise of "making peace" & that is if you want to heal, You must forgive. .... Nope. Healing and forgiveness are mutually exclusive. Letting others be rid of their guilt for whatever mistakes they commited shouldn't ever have to be... Continue Reading →

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