In Waiting

Dissonance - By yours truly. Thinking of you today and I seehow easily you unknowingly fillmy senses to the brimwith foolish thoughts cravingeach day for you to love memore than you ever loved her,& yes, I am ashamed that thisjealous heart needsrepeated declarationsthat I am and willremain your only hope,your loving destiny...And oh, how I've... Continue Reading →

Azure Gaze

These beatific vines of her love arrest my wisdom’s institute Wrapping it in peachy warmth, they melt it’s cold solitude Crimson buds of blooming romance want broken faith to reconstitute I eclipse the truth from her azure gaze, but my futility dissolves in absolute. © EntangledDesigns


Debased Morality - By yours truly. No, not today. Not again. Reflections Of mirrors Distorting My Existence. Reality, My reality Slipping, Engulfed Into Violent Waking Nightmares. Riot, Bloody riot Tearing, Trembling Tired flesh Breaking Weary bones Ripping, Feasting My endurance. Reasons, My reasons To take another Gulp of Sustenance Crumbling On Ruby ground Swirling Into... Continue Reading →

Traps Of Chance

Free Falling Traps Of Chance - By yours truly. Stay mum chapped lips holding on to secrets by a scarred skin of the teeth Stay moist traitor irisescontrasting a stolid poisewith whispers of a dying wishStay tall cynical walls of blisskeeping secure a jilted heartfrom falling into trap of possibilities.©EntangledDesigns


Faces We Wear - By yours truly. Don’t disturb still watersthinking you could dip a toe, Flicking it’s serenity, making waves, only to let it goDon’t go around poking a Devil's heart,Believing yourself to be invincibleIt’s an abyss of possessive pull,happy to rip you apartDon’t call your demure charmsome great lesson in love.Covered in ashes of... Continue Reading →


Constancy of space,linearity of timeround my tired mind has been cracking under weight of dark matters of a tattered heartthat stands shivering barein this crowded bar bombinating with tinder bees, grinder DDsBubbling cocktails and thirsty lips& despite all lustful feelings,grooving hips, sly winks,dirty slurs of whisperings,It’s still you who’s on my wish-list.©EntangledDesigns

Auf Wiedersehen

Cherubic Babbling - By Yours Truly Been a day & five months since I said goodbyeDoing a loop de loop, on our determined swearsto never see each other again,Here you now stand at my doorstep,Drenched by a drizzle, joking to mehow I hate romantic clichés,corners of your lips angling just the right wayA quiver in the... Continue Reading →

A Murderous Quandary

A Murderous Quandary-By Yours Truly Devilish times, vile nightmares. If colors could speak desires, Paintings would turn bloody. Worlds they hold, on fire. Mind a predator, Hunted simultaneously. A cathedral of laughs, Screaming echos in bloody crannies. Burning thoughts, To stay or die? A Murderous Quandary.   ©EntangledDesigns

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