Rivulets Of Fantasy

Rivulets Of Fantasy - By Yours Truly. Somnolent, she layslumbering upona fluffy beddingof incessantloopy dreamsof everything goodcoated in savorysaccharine syrupof wins.Far away fromdesolate groundsof realityshe's longdesertedWhere rolls failureon every roadScreeching byon tires of Trying.No true land, she's gushing in rivulets of fantasybut in her beaming worldTopaz sunlight drops inEach day to deliverone bottle of hope,Two of liberty&... Continue Reading →

So What?

The Rising - By yours truly. So what if I am the branded one?They call me a cautionary taleBut when all's said and done,I don't remember trying to hide the news.That I won't toe the line nor I wouldCross my legs to sit pretty for youOr hide my scars to fit in this worldNo, I'll never be any less... Continue Reading →

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