For a while now I have been struggling to keep up with my resolve to write or paint something new whenever time permits or health blows apart. Just so I can keep adding stuff here, keep things constructive even if mundane and keep this website going. Most days, I don't find the time. Sometimes, I... Continue Reading →


Slow hands are getting busy devising sinful plans to hike through lustful adventures   Having forsaken prudence Or hesistation's censures, Rabidly they explore inviting voluptuous ventures   Eager in pursuit of luscious Wetlands Assenting Surrender beckons voracious commands   Under Night's blind Or, Day's peeking chance Famished, they keep up the hunt for screaming bits of trance. ©EntangleDesigns


What binds my wrists by the grip of your hastening heartbeats is the need for some swelling thrill that brightly burns, even if ephemeral, radiating like a starlight's burst, in the vacuum of this algid loneliness. My reality or yours, offensively it stands amidst the daydreams we have been busy weaving, living to fill the moments with flaky desires to feel, to something greater we must belong.... Continue Reading →


Melancholy - by yours truly. Getting over you feels like a round the clock job I never applied for. Now sitting amongst those experienced in nursing a broken heart, I wonder whether this melancholic lifewill ever be able to write a chapter after "You". Excuse me if I don't believe that some Twelve steps could... Continue Reading →


Sweet wide eyed wonder for the world found horror in the corner of it's own Home. Brick by brick came apart a susceptive, little heart. As putrid intentions with each pound had sense of safety break down, Death came draped in familiarity's rag, & steadily wrung Faith's soft neck © EntangledDesigns

Fuck Gender-Reveal

Why oh why is this trend so aliveand rocking a highwhen head to toe it's drenchedin shameless ignorance?Are you still that stupid to be unaware that gender and sexare two distinct human components?So, why don't you try and try real hard to shut up the squealsat the sight of your stereotypicalPinks and the Teals.For rationality's sake,Fuck your gender reveals& free from your same ol' tiredheteronormative narratives,let the poor kid be just a... Continue Reading →

In Waiting

Dissonance - By yours truly. Thinking of you today and I seehow easily you unknowingly fillmy senses to the brimwith foolish thoughts cravingeach day for you to love memore than you ever loved her,& yes, I am ashamed that thisjealous heart needsrepeated declarationsthat I am and willremain your only hope,your loving destiny...And oh, how I've... Continue Reading →

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