Sometimes you make me long for impossible things. Sometimes... I wish I were your poem, A free verse between your lips A rhyming villanelle of your finger tips A solemn ballad dipped in your lucent ink I wish I were your dance A teasing twist within your arms A rousing tension in your form A waltzing skip in... Continue Reading →

Once bitten

Willfully turned a corner around the doubts, finding taste of Elysium  under your odic shroud. Unaware that in latency there could exist parched wants, Perhaps spurred by a sapient guile... But may be not? Maybe it really was the promise of striking resemblance? Now caught is my essence in tempestuous renaissance. Fault is, of course, mine for I... Continue Reading →


Aren't we both fools, sifting for truth in rivers of fantasy? Wanting but never embracing, waiting but never forthcoming, lips stubbornly silent yet rhymes evermore proclaiming. As if denying what’s what would expedite respite from this pain. So I’ll weave a fib and if you’ll promise to believe my myth, to it I’ll affix another... Continue Reading →

Neptune Lover

Silent wishful sighs, Ever awake, I keep faith you'll be looking up tonight   Wrapped in blankets of isolation, Anticipation mounds with each rise of twilight, I’ll finally hold your telescopic blue gaze   Standing bare beneath are torrid vulnerabilities Under my Neptune's cold, nipping breast Joy is me for at last, I watch you... Continue Reading →


Ephemeral Arrangements - by yours truly. Sadness clings to the fringes of my existence and though many storms have run past me, but it's the static of your silence that holds the solitary blame. I'll recover from visible bruises and aches, walk it off or better yet, dance through the pain, wearing usual nonchalance studded... Continue Reading →


This gulf, overwhelming it will always seem A yawning abyss, an endless reach, if nothing worth caring lies beyond. I have been gambling in doubts, While you, callous and aware,  leave but shadows of affirmation for me to grasp Sifting through poetic cyphers all I find is you behind a Veil, while your cards remain close to heart Rhyming hoary mistrust with fledgling... Continue Reading →

A Phantasm

Devious Wishes - by yours truly Must be a cunning concurrence, For I regard meant-to-be’s an absurd stance. Still Your mere existence has been dangling devious wishes, asking me to walk another step. A Wayward part of me wants to hail a feverish “Yes!” “Yes, for you and only you, I feel more than out... Continue Reading →


  Tormenting Wants - by yours truly. Frigid vacuum of your absence slowly morphed into icicles of sorrow, they now hang, shimmering, by my ribs, reminders of an era when we knew nothing  but of fulgent Sun and perennial Spring.  EntangleDesigns


For a while now I have been struggling to keep up with my resolve to write or paint something new whenever time permits or health blows apart. Just so I can keep adding stuff here, keep things constructive even if mundane and keep this website going. Most days, I don't find the time. Sometimes, I... Continue Reading →

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