So deeply are seeped discriminations in blood streams, welling up the chasms of ignorance within, that it's impossible to cut a zealot's thick skin Or counter his absurdity without losing the grit and the precious temporal tock-ticks. Vehement stay calls for traditions to supersede rationale or reasoning because, I'm afraid, we prefer malarkey. How else... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Know

Hallowed Intentions Rearing Disaster - by yours truly. I didn’t know,No, I didn’tThat I am weakerfor showing how I feelThat I am the loserWho wants to sutureYour wounds, eraseyour insecuritiesThat I am the suckerFor wanting to utterWords of comfortIn times of your needThat I am the chumpWho stops to listen,Empathizing withyour endless worriesThat I am the foolWho... Continue Reading →

Hellhounds With unrestrained self-regard long have you marched onserpentine asphalt pathsUprooting rejuvenating threads,An equilibrium callously left in shreds. Catching scent of sludgy offalthat runs through pipes'neath your vainglorious Castles,Now Death has come to collectfor corrupting nature’s balancing act So lock arms with your brethren,wipe the blood from your handsand pray that your bullets holdAgainst Hellhounds of your own... Continue Reading →

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