Well, what a mood to content with today Stillness sits snug between your blue lips And so, even the Sun seems aggravating In this capital cold of November haze Stacking moments in temporal crypts Where newness holds a biting sting Its promise serves only to reignite old blaze Stepping once more close to its inviting... Continue Reading →


What if we were as simple As some law of nature With run of the mill Constants involved Gilded with that Universal nomenclature Where variables sit still, Waiting to be solved An outcome that holds Against waves of Time Unlike the wax clinging to that melting taper We, the absolute Shine in something sublime With... Continue Reading →


Did you know when you asked, I had let you in? It happened in the way I least expected Tried to stop, though could not plan the silly thing Made the call twice before it disconnected And after that it was simply free-falling A strange trajectory with an upward flow Caught in intangible current of tugging... Continue Reading →


You know what I like every time we fight?  When I refuse to listen,  because of course, as you say,  I love the sound of my voice,  but really, I only like it more  because I am too often...Right.  Though you don’t easily back off  until you make me see your side  And if I... Continue Reading →


I wonder what must it look like, a sky without the stars? Where once shone septillion flaming notions now just a pitch black ocean evincing scars? I wonder if it could, would it feel as lost as I do when silence seethes between us? Not willing to be the first to bury this fuss Still,... Continue Reading →


I wouldn’t know why their faiths never run out of reasons to burn bright Or maybe I do – And bright they do burn – For they all shine like festival of lights. Every scout at each turn drunk on strength in numbers, tells me  the only way to be is devout when cast beneath their... Continue Reading →


Look how you have changed me,  how you became my godsend.  I think I know better now. I think I look better too  - Under this muck of pretend -  Don’t think it a blame No, I made the incision myself  while the hot rasp of your voice played and you stayed in the background. ... Continue Reading →


Memory falters in its steps I remember watching myself watch you Or maybe it was the other way around - unless your dream's been dreaming me anew and all that I heard and what came next  took roots in my head - watered and fed,  we grew Witching hour struck when you read your runes Paying... Continue Reading →


Why does it come too easy when it’s harder to let go? Why does it need no learning when it toils to learn the “No”? Why does it follow blindly when it wonders if it could fall? Why does it dive before thinking when it swims but not at all? Why does it track in... Continue Reading →


Aurora’s been sleeping since four  under tenebrous covers of angry blue Storms gather outside the door Clamoring to have a drink or two Been a while since a sip now Last bender costing an arm and a leg but you may already know the woes preceding the inevitable “how” if you ever mastered the insides... Continue Reading →

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