We differentiate with an 'Us' and a 'Them'. Feast on half-baked tenets; with a burp, brand them an axiom. Tally the differences that add up never beyond an epsilon, Change the Math to fit ignorance, let learning get suppressed beneath a yawn. When seated on the left of a Greater Than, call it an equality... Continue Reading →


Feels like you became an epoch the day I moved on from you wrenching my heart away, demarcating as if with an indelible marker, what I was before & how did I decay. Though time, unperturbed, kept flowing past me anyway. Feels like you became an epoch And somehow, somewhere I got stuck like a... Continue Reading →


There is something to be said about the art of hiding in plain sight; placing a smile instead of a mien lit under a vacant light. This instinctive deception we thread through multiple loops of disguise etches reasons in it’s plated chrome, holding a mask over mystic words till the labyrinth feels the only home... Continue Reading →


To keep myself afloat  I crafted reasons out of thin air, Scrambled together  their splintered foundation, Stacked them side by side  in a precise formation, Salvaging a proof that wouldn’t appear damaged beyond repair. But the impervious Sea remained, as ever, a merciless affair. Nor did the angry winds take a kinder view. Calling for... Continue Reading →


Among the very many lessons that are left to learn, The one that I keep failing, ever so willingly, Is how to love you in moderation. Just as a canoe in the clutch of a tempestuous sea is no more at fault than this rabid notion, I wouldn’t know how to judge Or even where to... Continue Reading →


I paint them in red, those words that I choose not to voice And the ones that I write come out in black, When they hold inside a silver lie. I mourn the death of things that never came to life And the ones that did, I tied a noose around their neck, Carving rightness... Continue Reading →


Tonight there's no bag of tricks beside me out of which to spin ourselves a tale  of everlasting love or a spurned lover's plea. Heartbreaks seem to have lost their wail, saccharine romance is wearing tediousness under its gossamer negligee & my heart can find no bearings in that same old wearisome detail. These sanguine arms of Horizon... Continue Reading →


Most of us will only read about adventures, never having the gall to take the risk. But there are a few among us who, unintentionally, tend to venture into the enterprise of life and death, thanks due to a unique capability. A capability that if they knew they possessed, they'd furiously pray each waking moment... Continue Reading →


Distorted Retrospections - by yours truly. My life would belie  this assertion that I am over the pain for I write of hypothesis where you exist & I feel alive. Grief spins me through seasons of reticence and hush but under downpour of monsoon is when I cry. They tell me how sorry they are... Continue Reading →

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