Your romance makes me swoon almost the way Your knuckles do. Its Imprints round my hurting wrists spar with the stone that sits pretty on my fourth finger. Sweeping me off my feet, tracing the scars, You etched on my skin, kissing each one as if that could put the pin back into this grenade... Continue Reading →

Queen Of Sleaze

'Caught' - By Yours Truly Warning: Following poetry is riddled with profanity and the sarcastic tone paints a derogatory picture of women who are expected to meet world's impossible standards of beauty. If swear words easily fray your sensibilities, then please refrain from scrolling down. Unlike my mother I was never magnificentborn quite ordinary from one... Continue Reading →


I am rotten, rotten to a boundless core. Overflowing with poison I fill in the chalice of that which I drape under a veneer of love and put it your lips each day... Everyday. You hurt, You suffer. I smile, Raise it to your lips, call it a medicine, Lie to you, “Just one more... Continue Reading →

Death Now Becomes Me

Warning: Sensitive content. Following is a poetry written about abuse, violence and how a woman's choice to not bear a child is deemed irrelevant. To carry on a pregnancy is an obligation dictated by a society of corrupt morals, stripping her off the basic human right that is bodily integrity. Often destroying it religiously right... Continue Reading →

No More Human

Red - By yours truly. Lying in a pool of her own blood,she smiles over the damages she wreckedon everyone who tried to suppress her little needs that burnt everyday only to transform into a vicious emblem of vengeance, apathy its only nourishment, pray you didn't run afoul this sickly entity that no more seemed human.Yet 'neath those murderous intentions lay what resembled a deep wound filled with all... Continue Reading →

Showdown of Reckoning

Another day blasts into light Your old tune of lasting wrongs Into a world too accustomed To living in a moral blight. And when the sheep's skin Slipped off a little, brandishing A set of fangs, you happily blamed The girl for crying wolf, once again. So her longings want to slip off now Unnoticed... Continue Reading →

A Vacant Interlude.

Monotonous sounds ofMechanical living of you.Waking everyday to getLost in crowds ofSimilitude.Armed In expensive suits.Rolex watches timingTick-tocks of shiny boots.Ignorant faces ready toSpew meaninglessPlatitudes.Motivated by riches,Numbed by servitude.Life of checklists,Medicating creeping uneaseOf overwhelmingLassitude.Moments of happinessLeft Unwitnessed to beExchanged for overtime duesWith days lived like clockworkWhere Night's a vacantInterlude.

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