Well, what a mood to content with today Stillness sits snug between your blue lips And so, even the Sun seems aggravating In this capital cold of November haze Stacking moments in temporal crypts Where newness holds a biting sting Its promise serves only to reignite old blaze Stepping once more close to its inviting... Continue Reading →


So this old tavern must have heard every story Every permutation of pain under the Sun Their’s does seem much too heavy to carry While mine, after all this time, feels like a loved one. Doesn’t even draw more than a drop anymore Though I tell it, I am used to it by now “There’s... Continue Reading →


And beneath this speckled roof that peeks Curiously at creasing paper catching fire Ancient ink warns in augural shrieks “If only burning verses would burn the desire” But these fools, they don’t bide by subtlety Declaring intentions at top of the lungs Ringing through sinew to bones so utterly Can’t seem to stand for biting... Continue Reading →


Feels like you became an epoch the day I moved on from you wrenching my heart away, demarcating as if with an indelible marker, what I was before & how did I decay. Though time, unperturbed, kept flowing past me anyway. Feels like you became an epoch And somehow, somewhere I got stuck like a... Continue Reading →


There is something to be said about the art of hiding in plain sight; placing a smile instead of a mien lit under a vacant light. This instinctive deception we thread through multiple loops of disguise etches reasons in it’s plated chrome, holding a mask over mystic words till the labyrinth feels the only home... Continue Reading →


To keep myself afloat  I crafted reasons out of thin air, Scrambled together  their splintered foundation, Stacked them side by side  in a precise formation, Salvaging a proof that wouldn’t appear damaged beyond repair. But the impervious Sea remained, as ever, a merciless affair. Nor did the angry winds take a kinder view. Calling for... Continue Reading →


A heart that’s content with wandering in heartache, dressed under false light of a house to be let, is a poor sanctuary that intends to leave your serenity at stake. Waiting each day for things to change, you’ll make wishes blowing on candles of trust, hoping for you it’ll beget love in the heart that’s content... Continue Reading →


Where before stood nothing to wield influence or engulf my will, And daringly charted each path to unknown shores when I pleased  Now all I remember is a cage where you, my captor, breaks me until I am down to pieces; left to be glued back together so again to be cleaved The hows & the... Continue Reading →


Sweet wide eyed wonder for the world found horror in the corner of it's own Home. Brick by brick came apart a susceptive, little heart. As putrid intentions with each pound had sense of safety break down, Death came draped in familiarity's rag, & steadily wrung Faith's soft neck © EntangledDesigns

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