Queen Of Sleaze

'Caught' - By Yours Truly Warning: Following poetry is riddled with profanity and the sarcastic tone paints a derogatory picture of women who are expected to meet world's impossible standards of beauty. If swear words easily fray your sensibilities, then please refrain from scrolling down. Unlike my mother I was never magnificentborn quite ordinary from one... Continue Reading →


I am rotten, rotten to a boundless core. Overflowing with poison I fill in the chalice of that which I drape under a veneer of love and put it your lips each day... Everyday. You hurt, You suffer. I smile, Raise it to your lips, call it a medicine, Lie to you, “Just one more... Continue Reading →

Death Now Becomes Me

Warning: Sensitive content. Following is a poetry written about abuse, violence and how a woman's choice to not bear a child is deemed irrelevant. To carry on a pregnancy is an obligation dictated by a society of corrupt morals, stripping her off the basic human right that is bodily integrity. Often destroying it religiously right... Continue Reading →

No More Human

Red - By yours truly. Lying in a pool of her own blood, she smiles over the damages she wrecked on everyone who tried to suppress  her little needs that burnt everyday  only to transform into a vicious emblem  of vengeance; apathy its only nourishment,  pray you didn't run afoul this sickly entity  that no more seemed human. Yet 'neath those murderous... Continue Reading →

Showdown of Reckoning

Another day blasts into light Your old tune of lasting wrongs Into a world too accustomed To living in a moral blight. And when the sheep's skin Slipped off a little, brandishing A set of fangs, you happily blamed The girl for crying wolf, once again. So her longings want to slip off now Unnoticed... Continue Reading →

A Vacant Interlude.

Monotonous sounds ofMechanical living of you.Waking everyday to getLost in crowds ofSimilitude.Armed In expensive suits.Rolex watches timingTick-tocks of shiny boots.Ignorant faces ready toSpew meaninglessPlatitudes.Motivated by riches,Numbed by servitude.Life of checklists,Medicating creeping uneaseOf overwhelmingLassitude.Moments of happinessLeft Unwitnessed to beExchanged for overtime duesWith days lived like clockworkWhere Night's a vacantInterlude.

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