No More Human

Red - By yours truly. Lying in a pool of her own blood,she smiles over the damages she wreckedon everyone who tried to suppress her little needs that burnt everyday only to transform into a vicious emblem of vengeance, apathy its only nourishment, pray you didn't run afoul this sickly entity that no more seemed human.Yet 'neath those murderous intentions lay what resembled a deep wound filled with all... Continue Reading →

My Dirty Little Blade

Ravaged my soul, it needed mendingFound you, the one who became my crutchTwisted by little games you had plannedAll to keep my belief that without you I’d break.Went along with all your binding biddings,Your sick appeals to my diminished nature.And if I ever spoke a nay, crouching in fear,Brutal was your love on my weary... Continue Reading →

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