(Image credit: Gossamer by Marcela Bolívar) The beauty that died in her anonymityor the nest that lay broken in the silhouetteof her unnamed streetwas the least of life's tragedies,when they found how she had borrowedmoments of time inconspicuouslyto wield her melancholy with flaming inkand penned numerous poems with prose in between.Tearing herself, she stitched each... Continue Reading →


A quick verdict was formed in the pits of my gumption,ignoring Alacrity's pleas that yelled “one more chance”,eventually going mad, screaming shrill.Akin a mushroom cloud, a portent of the End,it rose and strode past a sore throatwho having fought and lost valiantly,now all torn up, suppressed anathema beneath.Scaling up the parched tongue whose roots seemed mercilessly... Continue Reading →

Sweet Past

It's cold and wind is being such a bully, biting my cold fingers and nose! So between baking, reading and working, I found time to scribble a new, lone verse. Weather can sure make a poet out of anyone! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

Some Kind Of Happy

Lying beside withered bouquetof calla lilies like the one thatonce stood half strung by your side,I watch Parseid streak by.Searching for courage in the tiny little metal you wove as tokenOf your love, round my now shivering finger,streams of tears refract our timeon this cold, sable midnight.Catching my gaze by their lightsthose stones like bright burning... Continue Reading →

Drowning In Life

At the end of a long daythat witnessed herwars...fought,troubles....solved,duties....juggled,loyalties...fulfilled.At the end of it all,she's now home,bones tired,soul wanting,heart bleeding...in a housethat speaks perfection,sings luxurybut empty of hisnourishing lovethat now sits'neath marble stone,she lays awake in bed,waiting for anothermorn to beginto drown herselfinto life again. © EntangledDesigns 

Storm Of Reluctance

   Woke up to take a walk barefooton my golden sands only to find itlittered with stygian ashes of hopeAlong my prideful emerald shoreThat now tosses and turns dark,raising a screaming hellAs it Nibbles lifeless form of a boyWhose mother drowned last nightClawing desperately at life for her child.Against a portentous storm of Reluctance,She raged... Continue Reading →

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