Lighting Beacons

In the aftermath of your destructive conditioning that taught me to hate every inch of me I found a whisper carried on Her rebellious breeze That stoked dying embers of worth into a blazing ruckus which leapt out of my lungs; a terrific scream! And beacons were lit in the hearts of my sisters Who... Continue Reading →

Wise Up

C'mon...Throw it at me ...Throw at me your beloved hatred, your judgementsfor having this glorious body that doesn't fit neither the scales nor inches of cuckoo standards that long you've perpetrated on how a woman is supposed to be.Your ideas of beauty bathed in sick endorsementsFrom a society hilariously blind; live to scrutinize us to death but wants to praise and crown skeletons,yours and mine, for eating cotton balls with booze and two... Continue Reading →

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