Auf Wiedersehen

Cherubic Babbling - By Yours Truly Been a day & five months since I said goodbyeDoing a loop de loop, on our determined swearsto never see each other again,Here you now stand at my doorstep,Drenched by a drizzle, joking to mehow I hate romantic clichés,corners of your lips angling just the right wayA quiver in the... Continue Reading →

Unconcealed Heart

Photo By Timothy Paul Smith Whatever you think I am,I’m not.Whatever you want me to become,I won't.Whatever you see in me,I don’t possess.I am not your good,I am not your evil,I am not your aspirationI am not your saviorI am not your friendYour expectations, Are ashes beneath my feetYour hopes,Come to die by my handsI am... Continue Reading →

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