This is Gary. Blindsided by treachery, Gary is trapped in an emotional upheaval. - By yours truly 😛 Gary was a shy and amiable fellawho, everyone knew, had been tryingfor past three years to tell her,How desperate in love he wasWith the unwitting Bella.But he waited and waitedFor the right moment like forever!Till one day... Continue Reading →

The Nefarious Anthropologist

Lying with the wolves,Imposter was the sheep.No naive little lamb this,But a nefarious anthropologist!The Plan was to solveHow to domesticate a wolf.Success did become his.Till things went south swift.When at a pack gathering,Full Moon gave a peak.And as all else howled at it,The overjoyed sheepLet out a happy, loud bleat!© EntangledDesigns

Had It Coming

Photo by FuYong Hua I know it, you do tooThis thing we have is silly,right out the pages of somebackyard play aiming to reach Shakespearean heights and we are no kids, nobut you, for a laugh dyed my poodle pink,( & reader, no, it's not a euphemismfor some kinky shit! )It wasn’t funny, dammit!So today when you offeredthe... Continue Reading →

One Sexy Fox and A Bad Break-Up

We dated 3 wonderful weeks till the day I chanced upon youcanoodling with Moniqueand as began my manly shrieks,Your claim of us not being exclusivesent me home with snot filled streaks.Now as I lay on my faithful couch,Drowning my sorrows in Vanilla tub& monster tacos from Jack in box,farting in tandem with my sobsSudden came sweet realization ofstill having your Netflix... Continue Reading →

Her Dictatorial Strut

Sitting on my white throne, ready was IFor some meditative contemplationsLike drooling on Kardashian sistersSurfing through cosmopoliton picturesWhen she glides in, nonchalant as everinterrupting my mood, ignoring my privacy, Suggestively, she takes to pacing aroundDemanding my attention, asking for loveI try to explain her the inconvenience of it allShe wouldn't have it, no, she wants me right now!And between... Continue Reading →

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